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Ortho Moves is a way of life. We prioritize body care and wellness with the approach that the body is a single interconnected unit. Recover from your injuries, nurture your chronic pain, release trauma from the cells and maintain an overall healthy, strong balanced body and life with our expert teachers. Our practitioners live, breathe and teach by what they believe. Our team has real life experience, credentials and passion to make a difference in the way you move and feel.  Recovery is a responsibility that we take seriously and compassionately so  allow us to step into your life and join your incredible journey to discovering your power.   Expect to be given the best care whether inside or outside of the clinic. Connect with us and our online community and watch your life and the lives of others transform.

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Ashleigh Walker Yoga Medicine, Trainer

Co Founder & General Manager

Ashleigh is a holistic fitness and wellness coach who aims to help people discover the power within themselves to heal using movement and meditation. Her specialty is teaching Yoga to Athletes. As an athlete herself, she understands the mindset of people who identify as movers, competitors and performance.   After being tragically hit by a car,  that's when her life's work of meditation and mindset was put to the ultimate test!  She's a 200 hour certified yoga teacher, a 500 hour Yoga Medicine Candidate and a certified personal trainer.  Ashleigh teaches from the perspective that the body was intended to move in order to connect and transform your life. Working alongside Dr. Senan, Ashleigh is able to provide the ultimate wellness and treatment plan that compliments your recovery.  Whether you are looking for a challenge, to heal, zen out, or recover, Ashleigh will help you get back on track to pursuing your passions.

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Dr. Hisham Senan, PT,  DPT, OCS, CCI

Chronic Pain and Physical Therapy Specialist

Internationally renowned Dr. Hisham Senan is Board Certified in Orthopedic Physical Therapy specializing in Orthopedic Injury Rehabilitation, Chronic Pain Management and Strength Training. Dr. Senan is passionate about helping people to live a life that is pain free by administering therapeutic care and providing education on how to independently support your body. His first-hand experience in suffering from chronic neck pain, migraines and tendon repair, influenced his unique perspective and approach to healing physical ailments. Inspired by his own determination to live out his passions without the hinderance of severe pain, he is an expert in treating pre-existing conditions, and acute or chronic ailments that hinder the spirit. Dr. Senan provides one-on-one personalized care in order to meet the needs and expectations of every patient. Don't miss the opportunity to meet Dr. Senan with a virtual free consultation today.

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