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A Spoonful Of Motivation Helps The Recovery Grow Strong

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

If you have been injured or are recovering from an injury, you know more than anyone how arduous the road to repair is. Learn these mini motivators to keep your stamina up.

What Is Recovery?

Recovery is the unique process your body takes in achieving or reclaiming a part of you that was lost. Healing is no easy feat, especially since it’s a personal battle that can feel lonely. Recovery is also grieving the person you once were before you were injured. Acceptance, a key component in moving forward in your recovery, can be challenging but, with time, consistency, and a little bit of movement, acceptance gets a little easier each day.

Staying Motivated During Recovery

When you are faced with pain, or the inability to move efficiently, defeat, anxiety and stress has potential to seep into your willpower reserves which can make it feel impossible to move forward. But don't worry because the moment you think there is no hope, resilience takes over. You can help yourself recover and strengthen your motivation in the following ways:

1. Mindset Is Medicine- No matter how severe the injury, when it comes to healing, your mind and your spirit determine how you feel in the process. Nourish yourself with:

  • Positive affirmations

  • Patience

  • Perseverance and

  • Rest

2. Every Step Counts- There will be bad days and there will be strong days, but everyday you put in to your recovery (including rest) is a step in the right direction.

  • Put an expiration date on negative feelings

  • Stay focused on realistic goals

  • Reward Yourself

  • Remember that all movement is medicinal

3. When your body is nourished, your mind is nourished- Feeling down is a common side effect during recovery. But with the right ingredients, your internal system regulates.

  • Be mindful of medication consumption

  • Eat nutrient dense dark green vegetables

  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine

  • Increase your vitamin C for immunity boost

Staying motivated means doing what is necessary. Injuries can be unexpected, hindering and they are especially unfair. Injuries can have "unknowns" attached to them, but the #strength, #focus, #consistency and #resilience that's gained from recovery, ultimately becomes your superpower. When you fuel your mind, body and prioritize #movement you will be strong again. You will become a stronger, more informed version of yourself.

Ortho Moves

Your recovery shouldn't feel entirely like a chore that you are avoiding. Healing is complex, yes and requires time, yes. But, with a compassionate team on your side that understands your goals, and how to achieve them, you will be feeling great again. We understand that you are going to have a lot of questions on your journey. We are here to answer all of those questions and to be sure you understand every part of the 'why' behind what we do. OrthoMoves prioritizes the physical, and emotional well-being of your recovery.

If you are looking for accountability and compassionate support contact us today.

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